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The 411 on Rekeying Locks

Key In The Entrance Door
Most people consider their home their castle, so you will want to protect your home, family, and belongings in the best way possible. Locks on your doors, windows, and gates are essential, but they can be unlocked easily with a key.
While surprising to learn, an estimated 278,600 break-ins occurred at night in 2016 alone. Even more surprising, 486,006 break-ins occurred during the daytime hours. Criminals may enter your home by breaking a glass window or door or walking right through a door using one of your keys.
Therefore, you need to ensure your locks are secure. This guide will help you understand the process and reasons for rekeying your home's locks.
The 411 on Rekeying
Many people confuse rekeying and replacing locks, but they are actually different tasks.
To rekey your existing locks, pins and springs are removed from the lock cylinder and replaced with entirely new components that work with a new key.
During this process, the locksmith will also inspect the lock to ensure there are no signs of distress. For example, if any part of the lock is rusted or broken, a replacement of the entire lock may be necessary. 
The average lifespan of a lock is 7 years. Even if you are not experiencing any signs of failure or distress, consider replacing the locks if they are at or passed the 7-year mark.
Some homeowners feel it is just easier to replace the locks completely, but rekeying the locks is a more efficient and affordable option.
Reasons for Rekeying
You will most likely know when it is time to replace a lock, but you may not realize rekeying the lock is necessary.
Recent studies have shown keys are one of the most common items that are misplaced at least once a week. Missing keys may stay missing for an extensive period of time, but they may be found by the wrong person, which increases your risk of an unwanted house guest and a burglary.
If you or another member of your household have lost the keys to your home, make sure to have your locks rekeyed immediately.
A change in a relationship status may also be a good reason to have the locks rekeyed. You may have shared your home with a boyfriend or girlfriend, a partner or spouse, or even a roommate who have had a set of keys. 
Whether the relationship ended on good or bad terms, you should ask for the keys back. However, this can be difficult especially if relationship ended on bad terms. To avoid the risk of unwanted entry and to reduce emotional distress after the end of a relationship, have the locks rekeyed.
Finally, rekey the locks if you are moving into a new home. Of course, this applies to existing homes you have purchased from a seller and new construction homes.
When you close on your home, you will be given a set of keys. These keys may have been what the seller used in the past. Unfortunately, you will not know where these keys have been or who else has copies of the keys. Rekey the locks and get your own set of keys to reduce any fear or worry you may have.
Considering the number of contractors, inspectors, real estate agents, and appraisers that go in and out of a home during the construction process, a large group of people most likely will have had a copy of the keys. Even if you move into a new construction home, you should have the locks rekeyed after closing.
For more information on rekeying your locks, contact Roca Lock & Key today.


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