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Should Your Business Upgrade to Smart Locks?

Smart Lock Concept
In today's uncertain world, businesses need to keep on top of any technology advances that can keep their company, their employees, and their assets more secure. As more and more businesses move toward new smart locks for their physical security, you may wonder if it's the right move for you as well.
How can you determine if you should make the jump to smart locks? Here's a guide to the decision and what to do next.
What Is a Smart Lock?
Smart locks use technology for security instead of relying on traditional keys. These technological keys come in several varieties, including the following:
  • PIN numbers. A PIN code is entered into a keypad on a door. This code easily identifies who enters and leaves, and it doesn't require that users carry anything on their person. You can change codes as needed or on a regular basis.
  • Security Tokens. Security tokens often come in the form of a card that users carry. A key card entry is a simple method of securing a door that doesn't call for people to remember anything.
  • Biometrics. Biometrics use the person's physical presence as their code to unlock a secure door. They scan for things like fingerprints, retinas, or voice prints that are not easily duplicated. This is often the most secure type of smart lock for most businesses.
Clearly, different types of smart locks have different pros and cons. PIN numbers, for instance, are easily changed, whereas biometrics are tuned to individuals and are not easily altered. And a coded lock means that while no one will forget their card at home, the code could be easily leaked to others. Which type of system is right for you depends on your staff and your security concerns.
When Is a Good Time to Upgrade?
There are a number of times when it makes sense to update locks and a few times when you may want to wait. If your locks are getting old and are in need of replacement, this is a good time to invest in more technology. You can bring things up to the modern day at the same time you make needed replacements.
Also, if you've had particular security concerns, you can address these with a smart lock targeted to your needs. For example, do you have a lot of employees who have lost their keys or who should no longer have keys? You can switch to a coded system that can be easily altered so people don't have to turn in old keys and you can ensure only certain people have the new code.
If, on the other hand, your current system works fine for most of the company's locks, there may be no need to rush out and change. Instead, you could, for instance, install smart locks on certain doors - such as to the computer server room or on the exterior doors - and leave keyed locks in other, less sensitive places. 
What Should I Do Next?
If you think it's the right time to deploy some smarter locks in your company, where should you start? Talk with stakeholders - those who use the area - to determine if there's a pressing need as well as which type of smart lock might be right for each entry. Figure out if you just need certain locks changed or if you want to upgrade want all of them. Then, meet with an experienced locksmith and security service in your area to assess your needs as well.
At Roca Lock & Key, we can help you determine the right time, the right place, and the right way to update your locks to protect all your business assets. Call today to make an appointment to learn more.


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