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Secure Your Home After A Break-In

A break-in is one of the most invasive events you will ever experience. As the most intimate space, the idea of a stranger invading your home is unsettling. After this tragic event, restoring your home and creating a sense of normalcy is important. Learn what steps you can take after a break-in to accomplish this goal.
Notify the Authorities
Immediately after the discovery that your house has been burglarized, you should notify the authorities. This action should be taken even if the damage is minimal and you do not necessarily see anything missing. 
First, every home intruder is not necessarily there to steal your belongings - they may be in the home to physically harm you or your family. Second, this could have been a trial run. An intruder may have broken in this time for the sole purpose of casing your belongings. Third, the intruder may have left behind evidence that points to their identity.
Whether it is the threat of the intruder still being in the house or evidence, the police can address these issues and restore your security. Don't enter your home until you call the police.
Perform a Safety Inspection
If a burglar was successfully able to gain access to your home and escape with your belongings - you have a clear security issue. After a break-in, you need to perform a safety inspection. Start this process by determining how the intruder was able to get inside your home. Was it a patio door that was left unlocked? A broken window or a failing door lock?
Even if you had not recognized this problem as a security issue before, if someone was able to get inside your home, then it was not as secure as you thought. A safety inspection will help you avoid another break-in in the future. You might consider contacting a professional for this step to highlight any additional threats you may not be aware of.
Change the Locks
It does not matter how the intruder gained access to your home, you should always change your locks after a break-in, and this step is important for several different reasons. Changing the locks is a critical step if a faulty lock is how the intruder gained access to your home.
Old, outdated locks that are severely worn are generally easier to pick than a newer lock with upgraded features. For optimal protection, you can upgrade to a digital deadbolt, which can support a key or code for entry.
Additionally, there is always the chance that the intruder picked up one of your spare keys, which they can use to return at will. It is always important to update your locks.
Make Security Updates
In addition to updating your home locks, you should also make other important security updates around the interior and exterior of your home. On the inside, consider installing smart lights around the house. Smart lights allow you to set your lights on a timer or turn them on or off when you're away from home.
Having lights on creates the illusion that someone is home, which may deter a criminal. On the outside of your home, focus on your landscaping. Large or untrimmed bushes create the perfect hiding spot for an intruder to break into your home undetected. Consider removing these tall bushes or shrubs or at least make an effort to keep them trimmed.
At Roca Lock & Key, we are committed to keeping our clients safe. If your home has been burglarized, we are happy to help you update your locks to keep you more comfortable and secure. Contact us to learn how we can help.


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