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Protect Your Company With Fire Devices

Fire Alarm
Fire can be devastating to any building, but you can take measures to protect yourself and your company. All you need is a solid plan in place and installed fire devices in the building. With this, you and the employees will have the best chance to reach safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Set Up a Fire Drill

The first thing you should do is set up a plan in case a fire starts in the property. You will need a layout of the building with all rooms, including the windows and doors for each room. All the stories in the building should have their own layout printed as well.

Work with a professional to establish the best points of exit for each floor. Mark these as a fire exit and draw a red line to each one. Always use the quickest route possible. Make several copies and hang them in rooms and hallways on each floor in the building.

At least once a month, perform a fire drill. Tell the employees to expect a drill so they do not panic and think that you have a real fire. When the drill sounds, all employees should act as if it is a real fire and act accordingly. Once the drill is completed, note things that should have happened differently if necessary. Otherwise, congratulate them on a good drill.

Install Fire Devices On Your Property

You should always have fire devices in your building so that they can alert you of a fire. You can choose from several types of devices.

Fire Alarms

You can install a basic fire alarm like the one you would use in a residential property. The alarms detect smoke and heat, which are the key identifiers in a fire. They are easy to install and are cheap, and they still provide enough of an alarm to safely alert you of a fire. Most of the newer models will also detect carbon monoxide as well.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are on the ceilings of the building. You will usually place one in each room to make sure your entire property is protected. When the sprinkler detects a certain degree of heat that indicates a fire, it will activate. Water will come from the sprinkler system and should put out the fire or contain it enough until help arrives.

Fire Extinguishers

Have several fire extinguishers around the building. You should have at least one on each floor. Teach all employees how to use the extinguisher, such as at your orientation so all new employees will know what to do in the event they need to use one.

Fire Doors

A fire door will automatically shut if the fire alarm in the building activates. By doing so, the door cuts off air circulation and slows the spread of the fire. Your employees will be safe behind the fire door until the fire stops or you are safe to leave.

Suppression Systems

A suppression system in the building can help deter the fire or even put it out. A foam releases onto the area via a sprinkler. The foam cools off the surface of the fire and blankets the fire. The suppression system suppresses the oxygen to keep the fire from spreading.

You can never be too prepared in the event of a fire emergency. If you are ready for a state-of-the-art fire device at your company, contact Roca Lock and Key today for all your fire device needs. We also install and repair locks, storefront glass doors, buzzers and intercom systems, door closers, and much more.


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