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Are You Committing These Common Home Security Errors?

Lock and a key
When you go to sleep each night or leave your home during the day, you deserve to feel safe and secure. You deserve to feel like your home is not at risk of burglary.

Unfortunately, far too many people believe that their homes are safe, when, in fact, their home is far from it.

So, how can you know whether your belief that your home is safe is real or merely false hope? First, make sure that you are not guilty of any of the common mistakes that people make with home security.

Mistake #1: Hiding a Spare Key on Your Property

Many people hide spare keys on their property just in case they accidentally get locked out.

However, this can end up being a big mistake.

To start with, if a potential home invader sees you hiding that spare key, you put your home at risk. Moreover, since home invaders often observe their unaware victims before they strike, you can never know whether grabbing that spare is safe.

Furthermore, experienced criminals are more than familiar with common hiding places, such as fake rocks or under a flowerpot.

If you're worried about getting locked out, keep your key elsewhere, like at your office or with a neighbor. You might have a bit more hassle to go and retrieve the key if you need it, but isn't the hassle worth the trouble if it keeps your home safe?

Mistake #2: Not Having a Home Security System

Another big mistake that people often make with home security is not having a home security system in place.

Sometimes, people just opt not to pay for these devices. In other cases, they just put a sign on their lawn or a sticker in their windows to trick people into thinking they have these devices.

However, criminals often know how to tell and where to look to see if your home has actual security. Don't try and fool them.

Instead, take the smart step of having a good, high-quality, and preferably high tech security system installed to protect your property.

Mistake #3: Making Your Valuables Visible

Being able to afford nice things is wonderful. However, advertising the fact that you have those things is not.

If you don't have curtains on your window, for example, and your big screen television or your Christmas tree surrounded by presents is visible, you make your home a target. Likewise, if you have rich, expensive decorations on your lawn or anything else that betrays your wealth, you make yourself a target.

You can have and enjoy expensive things. However, make sure you don't put them anywhere where outsiders can see just what you have. Visible valuables are enticing to criminals and make them think you have many things of value to steal.

Avoid this danger by keeping your valuables well-secured and hidden away from outside observers.

Mistake #4: Leaving Any Door Unlocked

People often have one door that they leave unlocked, just in case.

Often, this is the door inside the garage. People think no one can get into the garage, so they are safe in doing this. However, garages are easy to break into for experienced criminals.

People often leave back or more hidden doors unlocked too, but this is never smart.

No matter how hidden you think a door may be, a criminal can find it.

Thus, don't take chances. Lock every door securely.

If you can follow these tips and have good, strong locks throughout the home, you can greatly reduce your chances of a burglar targeting your home.

For help with securing your locks and being even safer, remember that you can always call on the experts at Roca Lock & Key.


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