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Access Control Options to Increase Security During Third Shift

Door With Security Keypads
Keeping a business or office building open at night adds a lot of hazards and safety problems through the late hours. But the last thing you want to do is keep your business doors unlocked and open to the public in the middle of the night. However, without natural sunlight, fumbling around for keys may also be a hassle and not provide the most secure methods for entry into your business.

One way to help add extra security and protection for third shift workers is by changing the access control for your business. Besides basic keys, you have numerous options to consider, and each one has different benefits associated with them.

Read through the various types of access control options ideal for third-shift businesses and ways yours can thrive by choosing one of them.

Access Control Keypads

With a keypad lock entry, your employees do not need to worry about carrying keys or digging through their things to enter your building at night. Employees may enter the building quickly and safely thanks to the use of access control keypads.

These keypads get programmed with codes to enter the building. There are multiple ways to use the codes and gain the proper access you need. You may choose to assign codes to each department of your business. For example, at third shift, janitors may have a different access code than desk workers.

Each employee may get their own individual codes as well. Using the individual codes, you have the ability to track the exact times your employee entered or exited the building. The individual codes help track and confirm employee activities anytime there is a problem. In most cases, the logs will not be needed, but will also act as a deterrent to suspicious activity if employees know they are being tracked.

Access Control Cards

If your company uses ID badges to recognize workers, then the same ID cards may also be used as part of an access control system. Individual access control cards make it easy for your employees to swipe in and get to work.

Having the individual access card allows an employee to only access specific areas as well. For example, an entry-level employee may not have access to the supply closet or some of the upper-level offices. Controlling each card makes it easy to track employee activity and ensure no one is going in areas they are not supposed to, especially during the third shift when not as many people are at the business.

When an employee is fired or leaves the business, the access control cards will easily be deactivated so the person cannot enter the business again and have use of the card. With keys, copies can easily be made, but the digital protection found in access control cards makes things a lot easier to stay protected and ensures past employees are not allowed in the building.

Biometric Systems

Another secure way to provide access control for your business is through a biometric system. These systems measure an individual in a number of different ways but are mainly are used by business to read fingerprints. Each entrance of your business would be equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner.

When an employee arrives for work, they simply scan their fingerprint to gain access to the building. The quick and secure way means an individual's access cannot be taken by someone else. Another person may get in at night with a pass or a key, but the use of fingerprints helps add extra security and protection.

Let us help you set up proper access control for your business at Roca Lock & Key. We have years of experience and can ensure your business is protected 24 hours a day.


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